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Reputable Top Social Media Sites for Your Repair Business.

Today, social media is an everyday thing and as we stand 2.46billion people make use of social media daily and by 2019 the number is expected to be 2.77 billion , therefore if you have a business you will require a social media account.

Today almost everyone has a Facebook account and because there are 2.2 billion active users and this one major platform where you are likely to meet your customers and they also have accounts, check this page for instance, A Glass and Aluminum.

In fact today most people expect to any information on the Internet and once you have a Facebook account this is one of the top business social media sites in the world today, check this site of A Glass and Aluminum for instance.

The benefit of having a Facebook page is that its easy to manage and you will manage to post pictures, videos status update and share information with your customers and this is a business friendly page.

The Facebook messenger is also an ideal platform of communication where you will be able to send your customers messages and because Facebook allow bots to manage and answer questions and make reservations on your behalf it is choice for managing an online business.

Facebook messenger has very neat advertising campaigns where the ads prompt users to sending direct messages to your Facebook page and once you do you have a chance to convert them to be customers, as an example see this page A Glass and Aluminum.

Facebook allows the user to post various media post but for You Tube the users subscribe to a channel, get updates from it and will have a chance to comment on the video, this platform boast a 1.9 billion active users, see this page as an example A Glass and Aluminum .

You Tube is one of the top sites where customers have a chance to see information on your business since you will post informational video and instructional material and gives you a direct contact with customers since they will be able to leave messages.

If you find the lengthy video will not suit your business agenda consider having an Instagram account instead, which is an image sharing platform but you also post short videos and has 500million active users, see this page of A Glass and Aluminum as an example .

Pinterest is a platform that allows user to share images, it is more active with people who are looking for inspiration on home crafts, outfits, home models and any legal image, and it has over 175 million users and ideal for business promotion.

If you knew LinkedIn as a resume site, well the site has evolved and become one of the leading suites that shares information on companies and business in general, as an example check this page by A Glass and Aluminum for instance.